Sunday, May 1, 2011

Final Report on PLN

People Networking Together

I had a great time focusing on my PLN throughout the semester. I used Symbaloo for the first half of the semester but the second half I really focused on expanding my PLN, in person. I have met a few teachers in the graduate program at South, as well as people in my neighborhood that educate others. Many of them have helped me in projects and in other classes. Teachers are certainly different people, compared to the majority that I come in contact with. These people have a love for teaching and helping others and I think my PLN has expanded drastically because of one or two people that I got to know. Of course, these people cannot be on my Symbaloo, but they are in my cell phone to contact whenever I need help. I am surprised to see how many teachers and former teachers that live very close to me. Overall, I have enjoyed this process and I will continue to meet new people and learn.

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