Friday, May 6, 2011

Final Post Video Reflection

I had an awesome learning experience in this class and I appreciate everyone that became a part of it.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Final Report on PLN

People Networking Together

I had a great time focusing on my PLN throughout the semester. I used Symbaloo for the first half of the semester but the second half I really focused on expanding my PLN, in person. I have met a few teachers in the graduate program at South, as well as people in my neighborhood that educate others. Many of them have helped me in projects and in other classes. Teachers are certainly different people, compared to the majority that I come in contact with. These people have a love for teaching and helping others and I think my PLN has expanded drastically because of one or two people that I got to know. Of course, these people cannot be on my Symbaloo, but they are in my cell phone to contact whenever I need help. I am surprised to see how many teachers and former teachers that live very close to me. Overall, I have enjoyed this process and I will continue to meet new people and learn.

Special Assignment Blog Post #13

Metaphor for

1. I missed the metaphor because I am usually in "serious" mode when I come to class online. When I read something in that time frame, I take it for what it says. Yes, I should lighten up when I come to EDM310. I do not like to give excuses and I feel like I am giving one here. I will better understand the use of metaphors in the future. This will not happen again.

2. Holy crap!
I'm a little hazy on that one!
She stormed in.
This class is cake!
Why you tryin' to bait me?
Pull the plug on this one, that's all she wrote.
Stick a fork in 'im, he's done!

3. Well, I think metaphors helped me understand the material. So, hopefully the children can understand metaphors better which can help them relate to a specific story. Many teachers that I have had use metaphors. I think they are a great add on to material to make it more memorable. Like I said, metaphors were great for me because that is how I have memorized and related things together.

4. Once again, I think we use metaphors for memorization. I really think it helps with long term memory. If I have a metaphor that relates to a story, I am a lot more likely to remember the story, verbatim. It is also a fun factor in which the teacher can make a metaphorical joke that relates directly to the topic.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Project #16

C4T #4

Pseudoteaching with Demos by Jerrid Kruse
Thank a Teacher

Jerrid's Post on Demos

Jerrid is concerned with the way some teachers demonstrate science projects. You can relate this to just about any subject that is taught. The "demos" are spoken to students without any interaction whatsoever. The students have to be silent while they watch an entertaining bit that they probably will not remember. At least it is entertaining, but the Jerrid would like there to be some kind of engagement going on so that the students can think about what is happening during these scientific reactions.

I highly commend Jerrid for this since I love to learn and enjoy being engaged in discussions. Ideas and opinions can be formed through this process and then it can be applied. I find myself forgetting a lot of what has been lectured shortly after classes. All I really want is to be able to talk a little bit about what has taken place so it becomes relevant for me. Jerrid would like to encourage teachers to get their students involved in questioning and discussing topics, to go beyond entertainment.

Unsung Heroes by Jerrid Kruse

In Jerrid's most recent post he commends the efforts of great teachers. Teachers that relate to their students and find ways to incorporate their ideas are rarely commended for their efforts. Although these teachers work so hard they rarely expect anything in return. They are not getting air time on television or getting thousands of Twitter followers, yet they still work hard to make sure their students needs are met. I am sure their are teachers that would certainly appreciate this post since they are rarely commended for their efforts.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

C4K #7, 8, 9, 10

Mr. McClung's experiments were the topics of the week. The post that I was assigned to was very, very short but informative. The students from his 8th grade class were assigned to a Skype meeting with a class of similar age in New Zealand. They found out a little bit about each other and "y'all" was mostly the subject discussed since the students from New Zealand hadn't heard that contraction very much in their own country. They only spoke for about 10 minutes but it shows how much one can learn in a short amount of time. The meeting seemed to be very constructive and I think Skype and computers are the future in educating each other.

Mr. Mclung's World

Millie is a grade 7 student from Adelaide, Australia. She got to go on an amazing class trip for aquatics. They each had 3 activities in which they were taught different styles of surfing. She excelled in her attempts and I commended her for working so hard to achieve it. We do not get to go surfing here, but I wish we did. What an amazing learning experience that would be since I have no idea how to surf. I think Millie has done a great job with her blog; she has posted pictures so everyone can see how much fun they had during their activities at the beach. She has done a great job with her blog and it is very detailed. I think we need to take a page out this book and incorporate some surfing lessons. That would certainly make my classroom experience a lot more memorable and fun; especially since I wouldn't be in class. If you'd like to see how much fun they are having in their class, you can click on Millie's Blog posted below.

Millie's Blog

Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog

Mrs. Yollis is a fabulous teacher located in a suburb of Los Angeles. Her blog is very well organized and used to further everyones education experience. Mrs. Yollis travels quite a bit to certain locations to make sure that she continues learning. This makes learning quite extensive since she has experienced things that she likes to teach. Her blog is an extensive piece of work for her students and the time that she spends learning herself has also broadened the learning spectrum among the children. Her joy and knowledge spills over to her classroom and it is obvious in the smiles of her children.

Mrs. Yollis' has taught me so much. I love her thorough HTML code lesson. I use it every time I make a post and that definitely makes it a ton easier for me. She has also allowed parents to enjoy the lessons that go on in class. The students get to blog and family members get to drop by and make comments which takes learning to the next level. Mrs. Yollis' class and net atmosphere has heightened everyones learning experience that has taken part. I have learned from her and so have many others; she is an example to teach and live by. Thanks so much to Mrs. Yollis and her 3rd grade class.

Mrs. Yollis' HTML Lesson

Hannah is a fabulous student from Mrs. Yollis' class is California. Hannah and her sister Leila enjoy growing their hair, for what seems like make take a year, just to donate it to a wonderful cause. It goes directly to locks of love which is a non-profit organization that makes wigs for children that cannot keep their own hair. This is a great idea for anyone to join and I highly recommend it since it is totally free. Make sure you read Hannah's rules for donating and you will be on your way.
A girl donating her hair to Locks of Love

Friday, April 22, 2011

Blog Assignment #13

ALEX website

ALEX stands for the Alabama Learning Exchange. It is dedicated to teachers but can also be a resource for others just wanting to navigate and learn as well. The layout is pretty cut and dry and easy to follow. The first link you or anyone else can navigate is the Courses of Study. This option allows a teacher to see what can be expected while teaching in a specific area. Then, there is the Web Resource button with specific websites that can be useful in gathering information outside of ALEX. Lesson planning is the next option, which can be a fabulous tool that can make classroom planning much easier. It can be used to cut down on a stressful day and develop a plan much quicker than usual. It may also provide something that can help gain other ideas that you may want to use. If you'd like to be specific, without much navigation, you can always use the search tool to get directly to many lessons that are available, for multiple days. Podcasting is another venue that I find very interesting on ALEX. I particularly enjoy podcasts since it can be a great tool for students that may be sick or not available in class due to other activities.

ALEX is something that is very useful to the future teacher. I would certainly like to use this part of cyber space to gain knowledge in my field of study. It will definitely make things much easier with the ability to see what other teachers have used as a guide for their classroom. As I mentioned before I really like podcasts and I use them for classes that supply at my University. It is kind of like a book that is being read to you to cut down on time spent. With schools providing more online courses podcasts have been very instrumental in my learning experience and I will probably use them for my class. I also enjoy blogging, which can also be a useful tool in the classroom. There are some unique blogging ideas among the lesson plans that can be used to upgrade the classroom experience.

ACCESS website

ACCESS is a fabulous website that aids students in their learning process. If a student would like to expand beyond their classroom experience they can always join this website. It can be used as a way to gain college credits while still in high school. On the other hand, if a student is struggling in certain areas, this can be used to help manage classroom struggles. Web based instructions and video conferencing can be used by any student trying to get ahead. If there are courses that may not be available in schools ACCESS is a fabulous tool to expand knowledge before entering into a university or community college. There are complete instructions to begin using the website and this is an easy and effective project to learn from a distance.

I am pretty sure this was not available while I was in school(2000 grad). I certainly would not have minded having a few extra credits to get ahead before moving on to college. I was able to take some honors courses but we only had 1 AP course available in English and I had to have an "A" my junior year in order to be eligible; of course I got a B. So, this is something that I truly believe can tremendously change the outcome of learning. Not only will you graduate faster, but you will be far more educated than those around you.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Project #15


Blog Assignment #12

Watch this YouTube video Pay Attention In two paragraphs, explain your thoughts and give your opinions on why technology should or shouldn't be in the classroom. In a separate paragraph, explain what teaching means to you and give it a title.

Pay Attention

This video is similar to other videos that we have seen throughout the semester. It is apparent that drilling has taken place over the course of this class. By drilling, I mean that we are constantly viewing things that are very similar in nature. That is how our professor is speaking to us. All of the blogs and videos are telling us that we need to catch up, if we have not. This many bloggers and video producers cannot all be wrong and brainwashed. This video is another example of why we must integrate in order to develop a good teaching relationship with our students. Technology is what they comprehend at this point in time, and we cannot continue to teach what history says we must teach(lecture and spit it back).

If 70 percent of 4 to 6 year olds have used a computer, that means they are interested in what is on it. How do we interest our students in class regardless of age? By incorporating things that they will like into the lessons so it becomes more practical and memorable. Most students do not even enjoy going to school especially since they have to sit in there desks all day and be mute. Maybe if I use ipods and cellphones to do regular lessons, then maybe my students will show up on time or even actually come to class because they enjoy it. I will always remember the Randy Pausch's "head fake". Kids do not necessarily want to learn because the way they are programmed, but if we get them to use something they like to learn the material, then they will learn the material (head fake).

Break Through!
Break Through

Teaching is certainly a form of art. It takes a special person to have this ability and take on all of its meanings. Teaching means that someone is learning; if I talk and no one is listening, then I am not really teaching. As a teacher, I have to find effective ways to make sure learning is taking place. I have to grab the attention of the learner-listener and make sure there experience is something that can be remembered. Teaching in this age is different than in years past. I have to use the skills and techniques that I have learned from others and put them to use. The use of cell phones and computers by children has expanded dramatically in the last ten years and this means they interested in these types of gadgets. So I plan to incorporate these tools to make sure they are interested and teaching has taken place. However, if these methods prove ineffective, I will have to find another way to break through.

Progress Report Final Project

I think we have taken our team to the next level by adding two of the drafts best. With our First and Second picks, we took Jenna Baxter and Kristan Steele. The duo cannot be matched in their field and I expect they will bring the intensity that I observed prior to this years draft selections. They are going to be an amazing addition to our already spectacular group. With Miranda Tidikis, Jennifer Hackney, and Ashleigh Skelton returning from All-Pro seasons, Kristan and Jenna will only compliment this years team. "I plan on making a run at the title, and with this group, it's going to be tough to beat us". Our expectations are high for the season(Final Project)and we expect to bring home some hardware. We've practiced all spring studying the video clips and taking notes and I think it's our time. We are going to show you how we practice and prepare in the lab and the effects it can have in the future of this program.

Baxter Jersey

Steele Jersey

Monday, April 11, 2011

Project #14 Teach Someone

We had some elemental problems so you may need to turn it up a bit

This is a short lesson on pitching with 5 easy steps to use if you are feeling out of control on the mound.

Blog Assignment #11

First Graders in Ms. Cassidy's class
Interview with Dr. Strange and Ms. Cassidy

The students of Ms. Cassidy's class have an amazing learning environment. I have seen some of the work that she has done with her class in her blog. She uses technology for her students and she also gets their parents involved as well. The students have an opportunity to create new things, problem solve, and use critical thinking skills that many places do not incorporate. These first graders have their own blogs which gives them a chance to get real feedback upon their work. They learn from different teachers, professors, and many others around the globe. In the video they actually mention the class that I am in right now as a reference for their work online. The interaction that they are involved with is serious and puts them far above their peers. Ms. Cassidy's students play their own roles in the video which is a testament to their higher learning as first graders. I highly suggest this video to all parents as well as all teachers. The knowledge that is being taken in is far greater than that of the average classroom. Parents should definitely take part in this type of atmosphere at home if you are at all concerned with your child's development. If it cannot happen at school, then we can definitely do it on our own time to make sure their education continues.

On a personal note, I allow my child, who is almost 2, to play on my computer. She also has her own computer that allows her to push buttons and gives feedback. It's probably not a great idea to let her play on my computer now, but the images and sounds that the internet puts out are expanding her rapidly growing brain. This will ultimately help her in the future since the majority of a child's brain development happens within the first five years. I believe that the information that our children are being given is based on historical protocol and limits their learning. Answer this: Why can't a child be given the same information as an adult? If they are going to learn it anyway, why not teach it to them when their brain is at its maximum. It only makes sense to incorporate limitless learning. Do not be afraid of limitless knowledge but embrace it so that your students and children will forever benefit from it. Watch this short video and it will give you a better understanding of why I believe this.

Ms. Cassidy's First Grade Class

Ms. Cassidy's Skype Interview with Dr. Strange

Ms. Cassidy is a fabulous teacher as I have already stated. Dr. Strange has conducted a video with her about technology and the classroom. Questions are provided by Dr. Strange mostly to imply that technology works and is relevant to any age level. Ms. Cassidy formed her base for technology in her class with the 5 computers that were donated to her with the Sunray program through Microsoft. Blogging is used on a regular basis with her 6 year olds and most of the work that has been done by her and of course she mentions that she has good supports within this technology. She is always concerned with the safety of the children and acts as a mediator for the children which I believe should always be done by the parent at home as well. I concur with each and every idea that she proposed for technology in the classroom. Her students enjoy the process and their parents do as well. The parents can view their children's progress and see exactly what they are doing at any time by simply logging on.

She specifically says the word "change" to imply that all teachers need to be technologically literate and I believe this as well. It does not matter how old our students are in order to take advantage of the tools available to us, to provide a higher level of education. The children have been given an audience of people that can essentially read and comment on their work instead of just turning in an assignment to Ms. Cassidy. This helps them become better writers and better audio and video makers. Ultimately it provides them with the ability to think on a higher level. Her ideas have expanded a bit in her school and I hope this continues. To add to this an online learning network is huge is the development of students. Of course, teachers need to be highly involved in this as well. PLN's are a big part of the class that we are in, and it broadens our ideas since others may have something we need to know or use. She also discusses one of my favorite topics; we must continue to learn. Our learning network is essential for this and websites such as twitter are very useful. Technology is resourceful for any teacher, no matter what field you may be in. I personally love twitter because I have had the pleasure of meeting so many new people that have broadened my learning experience. This is a great discussion of ideas that should certainly be considered by anyone is the teaching field. I recommend experimenting with ideas that you feel comfortable with to enjoy and gain a better knowledge of what your children could be learning.

Ms. Cassidy and Dr. Strange Skype Interview

Friday, April 8, 2011

Special Assignment

Responses to Mr. McClung's Blog
Mr. McClung's World

1. Mr. McClung uses his blog as a creative tool that his students can use to make their learning experience a memorable one. He uses his blog for ideas that he comes up with that may interest his students. He goes far beyond the expectations of a normal class experience. He has given his students a chance to expand their ideas onto the computer instead of just on paper.

2. I have never seen Mr. McClung teach in a class, but his skills outside of that are extraordinary. He does not just explore the subject he teaches, but he also incorporates other areas that can be incorporated to make the learning experience that much better. He explores as the students do to keep up with ever changing trends so that he knows what they will take interest in. Once again, he goes far beyond the calling of "instructor".

3. Mr. McClung's set of rules are totally different than any rules that I have heard of. It totally interacts the students and brings out their energy. Of course you must come to class with that energy as well. He uses hand gestures and key words to make sure the students are talking when they are supposed to and listening when they are supposed to. These rules say a lot about him as an instructor and instills discipline subconsciously(head fake) by allowing them to make their own gestures as well as talk when appropriate. Discussion is heavily favored in his classroom rules to make sure they are paying attention and they are ultimately scored upon their ability to follow directions. I would enjoy using his ideas in my classroom as well as having them instilled into my lessons as a present student. I particularly love being involved in the learning experience and this will give my students a chance to do this as well. Not only would it help with respect and discipline but it head fakes them into being involved in class lessons.

4. In his syllabus, everyone needs a day planner. For obvious reasons, we should have one of these to make sure we are keeping with the tasks that we are assigned. With the many things children are doing, a day planner acts as a reminder to make sure they do not forget anything. It is proven that when something is written down, it is more likely to get done than if it were not written down. Time management is a discipline that can be gained by using a planner.

5. The consequences are specific and loss of a letter grade each day it is late. I think this gives the student time to finish and DO the work. The object is to do it regardless if it is late or not and this gives them a chance to achieve. As for Dr. Strange's policy on late work, he states that if the work is turned in late, it leaves the possibility for an F in the course. I believe this opens up the opportunity to finish and turn in the work as well, instead of just not doing the assignment. I could say it is a disciplinary action for late work but I think these rules are very generous compared to what I am used to. That being said, I am used to getting an automatic F for not turning my work in.

6. He wants to make sure the students are getting a positive learning experience the use of technology. He tries to implement it in his everyday work as well as in the classroom. His objective is to steer away from traditional learning of taking notes and doing homework every night and implementing technology as a more positive way of learning.

7. Arkansas History Curriculum for Grades 7 and 8. This is interesting since I am majoring in History and enjoy it. This is a break down of what shall be accomplished by the students in these grades. I enjoyed it's specificity and breakdown because it makes sure the Arkansas students know the History of their land and it's contributions to the United States. It is very specific and relevant by exploring names, regions, and resources for where they reside.

Secondly, I reviewed Convince Me. I am always up to debate and this is a great website to explain your thoughts and opinions on any topic that you choose. It can be used to form opinions on things that you may not know or at least see someone else view on the topic if you do not agree. If you do not agree you can certainly reply and discuss your opposing views. This is a great way to get involved in specific events that are currently happening.

8. This is a great set of Internet Safety Rules. It reminds me of my own safety to make sure I am not giving out personal information that may cause identity theft or worse. Uncomfortable communication certainly needs to be addressed and it is very important to notify a parent or teacher of this action. I agree that we need to limit the information that is provided about ourselves to protect us from such predators. Aliases are a great rule to go by which I attempt to use myself as a protection device. I certainly would not subtract any of these rules and if I had to add some it would go like this: If you are unsure of a website, do not go to it and ask before you enter. 2. Do not open something you do not recognize. 3. In emails, make sure the subject bar is filled in with something you recognize if you do not know the person or site it has come from.

9. I reviewed the Earthquakes section under categories. Mr. McClung's class is learning how to make different earthquake waves through a project that was assigned to them. They actually made there own seismometer in order to create the P and S-waves of an earthquake. They used different movements on their desk to make the pendulum like apparatus make these waves. The project consisted of using homemade materials such as paper, pen, clay, cup, and string. The assignment is very relevant to get the students involved in learning about earthquakes while Mr. McClung guides them through the process.

10. I would definitely like to use the Archives and Categories feature. This way, someone that is visiting my blog does not have to peer through my entire blog to find what they want. They can just use the side clicker to find what section they would like to look at.

11. His blog is very relevant to what adults relate to in everyday life. There is something for all kinds of people to view. There are ideas that anyone can use and practice in their offices, classrooms, and homes. He has a wide range of knowledge to give and not just in history. Anyone viewing his blog can certainly put to use the rules, assignments, and ideas into their own lives. Current events is a popular subject used within teaching history, and anyone who loves watching the news can relate to these posts.

12. His blog is definitely better organized and has a lot more to offer but not to discredit the others because I think they are all great blogs and learning tools. I think Mr. McClung has been well taught in the use of technology and that I must also mention that he has taken it all in. He has embraced technology within his classroom and his passion overflows within his work which makes the blog look super spiffy. It looks like a majority of his downtime from teaching is done on his blog for his reach towards perfecting the art of teaching.

13. Mr. McClung is certainly a model for future teachers and present students. His blog shows that he is a perfectionist and cares dearly about his students and work. Not only has he reached his students but parents and views as well. It should be evident to those around him that he genuinely cares about the future of our country. He sometimes makes posts about his exhaustion to the amount of work he does and I certainly commend him for his effort.

Mr. McClung's Student Blog

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blog Assignment #10

Use the Internet, Be Creative

Morgan Bayda

Morgan has made a great post here that discusses education as we know it and what it needs to become. Dan Brown's video is a great example that she uses to discuss her concerns for our learning future. I completely agree with both of them that we need to make some changes. The education system revolves around one professor that spits out facts and we just memorize them and give them back to receive a grade. However, we can get facts anywhere on the internet and school isn't really preparing us for the real world. This idea of teaching is blocking us from creating new things and coming up with new ideas. The best thing I think we can take from Dan's video is that, as educators, we need to evolve with the information age and update as it updates. Continuing to learn as the internet provides us with new information is now essential in making sure everyone is educationally up to date and prepared for what is next; the world.

Morgan Bayda Open Letter To Educators

Tom Johnson's Don't Let Them Take the Pencils Home!

Mr. Johnson has allowed his students to take their pencils home and Ms. Gertrude is upset about it. In what seems like a one sided argument by Gertrude; Mr. Johnson shouldn't allow the students to take the pencils home since students that use pencils at home have lower test scores. But, Mr. Johnson has given his students some projects that they can do while using their pencils, which looks like a great way to integrate the school and home learning process.

I think it is a fabulous idea for students to get involved in learning at home as well. Since most kids just want to play or watch television at home, this is a great way to include what is going on in the class to give them more ideas when they show up to class. The idea here, is to make sure that children continue to learn by using their tools that are at home; i.e. computers. If they choose to use their computer as a toy or play childish games, at least it has given them one more chance to be creative. In this case, we can always fall back on the idea that, we only get out of something what we put into it. I think any twisted form of teaching to pull out creativity is awesome. Going back to the first post above this one, teachers need to find ways to grab creative energy. How do we do this? We have to be creative ourselves, and find a project that can be incorporated into boring lessons. If students can explore using their computers at home, maybe it will make them more attentive on the subjects taught in the classroom. Keeping them interested and making the learning experience more fun and memorable in class, could give them ideas they may want to explore at home. So, it works both ways.

Tom Johnson's Adventures in Pencil Integration

Friday, April 1, 2011

C4T #3

Ghost Town

Mr. C. is my teacher for the week and his post shows much concern in his classroom. He gave an assignment where the students had to analyze the Wisconsin union problems. They were to think and give feedback on both sides of the debate by reading from different news websites. I understood his concern since nearly the entire class failed to do as he had asked. Most students, including myself, have simply been taught to memorize and spit back the information. This project was an attempt for students to step outside of that box and really think and determine for themselves what side of the issue they took.

Getting children to think on a different level is going to be very difficult since they have been wired incorrectly for so long. Not that memorization cannot work, we just need to attain a higher brain stimulation for our students to have a chance to excel above the norm. I propose that we continue the trend that Mr. C. is trying to attain and through consistency with this change we will be able to get the results.

I was able to relate it as a baseball instructor. If I ask a child to throw a strike the first time they pick up a ball, they will fail 9 times out of 10. However, if I am consistent in my instruction, the child will certainly throw more strikes over time. We have to establish and create things that have not yet been programmed in their heads.

Mr. C was obviously more pleased in the results that he attained from his students on this project. They had to create their own ghost town and well as figure out why some of the ghost towns weren't there anymore. But, this was just to help them remember their vocabulary for the week and of course a few words from past assignments. I think Mr. C certainly went beyond his calling on this one to make sure the students could ace the test. His writing, this time, is of much more praise compared to the last one, which means the students definitely enjoyed the project and it was much more memorable.

Mr. C's Teacher Blog

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Skype Interview with Mr. Hoover

Mr. Hoover is a co-owner of a pharmaceutical compounding company out of Florence, Alabama.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Blog Assignment #9

What I've Learned This Year by Mr. McClung
Always continue learning

Mr. McClung has taught me well in his reflection of his first year as a teacher. I can always appreciate someone who continues to learn regardless of how much they may know. Flexibility and being open minded are two things that I was able to relate to. Children do not always live to the expectations that we set for them, since we are adults we have to remember that they are still children and may not comprehend what we are trying to communicate. Building relationships with students as well as teachers can help us realize the things we need to work on with our lectures. We should always keep the ability to be learn in order to make sure that what we are attempted to explain is understood. His thoughts and ideas are some that I use and will continue to use. Feel free to check out the blog as I will post it below.
Mr. McClung's 1st Year

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Summary Post C4K 4-6

Pt England School

I watched Jessica's animation today on her blog from classroom 18 at Pt. England School in New Zealand. I have never done an animation online before and I think this is great that the kids in this class get to something like this. In her animation she is on her way to her nanny's house and plays and falls down on her way there. Her animation is rather short and I suggested that she make a longer one next time since I thought she was good at it. I also think it is great she has done something I never imagined doing in grade 6. You can search Jessica's blog below if you would like to see her animations.
Jessica's Blog at Pt. England School

Today I have read Julietti's blog from Pt. England School in New Zealand. She enjoys math and kind of likes her communication technology course. She talks a little bit about her new class and that she is excited about meeting her new teacher and classmates. Once again I always enjoy reading kid's blogs since they inspire me to continue my hard work within my blog. The students from this school are doing the same things that I am, and I feel it is necessary for me to stay involved in their blogs. This will help me with future projects and lessons that I may teach. This will also help with the technology literate student and my confidence in teaching them since they may indeed know as much as I do on the subject.

Kennedy Options-CookingMelville Room 8
Melville Room 8 from New Zealand

I had to pleasure of commenting on a classroom of 12 and 13 year olds from Melville Intermediate in New Zealand that was cooking for the day, as well as documenting their work. They all did a wonderful job following the directions and they learned how to cook as well as operate a camera. I commended them on their efforts because I would love to incorporate things like this into my classroom. They all seemed like they were having lots of fun doing their work which is always a pleasing sight.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Blog Assignment #8

Dr. Richard E. Miller's This is How We Dream
Children use their imaginations and dream of being someone

Part one of the video discusses Mr. Miller's use of the computer and its incremental changes. Books and libraries were very important at one time but changes into documentation on the internet have made it much easier to access documents at any time. He uses the internet for online discussions with colleagues while adding threads, which they all can see. I haven't used the internet as a way to visually connect with others yet, but in the future I most definitely will. I see the collaboration within this community on the web and I will certainly make an effort to do the same thing.

I hope to have this option available to me as I teach in the 21st century. It is a magnificent way to collaborate without leaving my home and teach not only to students but to anyone who comes across it. This idea becomes limitless and soon as it happens since anyone can watch or tune in.

I am taking a short break from the second video to mention the regular updates that can be viewed around the world instantly. ItunesU can be used to create lectures and updates; what a great tool to use to gather information and send ideas within minutes to world of education. I know things like this exist and watching this video has enhanced my thoughts on using this media regularly. This is a great way to teach and get learners involved and engaged without being in class. The limits of the documents we produce are endless with freedoms to edit and post ideas at any time.

By using the media available on the web, we can visually enhance the dreams that we have. Each idea or dream that is articulated here activates and involves the world and make dreamers and learners out of others. We must gather information and use what is available to us to intrigue the ones we wish to inform. Miller say's it best "How can we not use this?".

This is How We Dream
Chipper Series
EDM310 For Dummies

The Chipper Series and EDM 310 for Dummies are videos to get us involved in learning. They were produced to attract the learner in an amusing way to grasp attention. Videos are much like movies that we watch on television. If we like entertainment then we tend to stay focused on it and these videos gives us a much better way to learn. Instead of boring assignments we can watch Chipper do all of the wrong things and learn from her misfortunes. Or we can watch EDM 310 for dummies and laugh while learning. If we can make something fun it can be much more educational and memorable.

I am actually planning my own video similar to the ones I have watched here. I am going to use my video as a way to teach some fundamentals and skills of baseball. It will not be on the amusing side but it will be very educational to young athletes. I am going to try to figure out a way to incorporate education messages within the drills that will be portrayed by a young player. Athletics are very important but I want to send a message that education is more important. I would like to connect with student athletes on a different level to show them the importance of hard work in the class room as well as on the field of play. Without excellence in the classroom or internet based courses, sports can be taken away quickly. The two coincide with each other since no one wants to hire a lackluster athlete.

Learn to Change, Change to Learn

I have posted the video above to show the facts that we need to understand as teachers. Children are involved in web activity on a regular basis and we need to change how we teach them by using the internet. If they are engaged in blogging already, how can we find a way to teach them within this process? The websites available to us can be used as a teaching technique by integrated the websites that they already use. These connections are instrumental for their future in how they collect data and carry it for the rest of their lives. Virtual based teaching can help them learn without being at school. The internet can open up ideas for students and take their learning experience to the next level.

The Secret Powers of Time

This was a very difficult video to watch and I tried to grasp the idea he was trying to get across. He jumps from subject to subject which made it difficult for me to follow. I do, however, realize that we need to find a way to keep children from dropping out of school by keeping them interested. They are using video games and internet sites very often because they are having fun and are engaged. The classroom, on the other hand, can be very boring and seem like a waste of time for the child which does not help with the skills that they need to be achieving.

Time is very relevant to how we think; depending if we are looking for future results or dwelling on the past. Studies have been taken of certain countries and ethnic groups that show why some succeed while others do not. The people who work in the present to achieve the future tend to be harder workers than those who dwell on negatives from the past. We need to do something that will motivate kids to think on different terms so they can attain that future success. In my opinion, we need to change what we are doing at this time, as educators, to see that these kids have a better future than we do. The video is posted below and I suggest just listening first instead of watching the doodling which was very distracting. I think your ideas may be able to mesh better in this fashion.

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

This video production is a lot better and easier to understand than the first. It pretty much stays with one subject and continues throughout. The theory is that people that get paid more money do better at work. But, in one instance as told from statistics, that people did not achieve their goals when higher cognitive thinking took place. The great idea was that people were mastering things that they did for free such as playing the guitar on the weekends just to get better at it. When people were allowed to do a project for free at a software company, they came up with unbelievable ideas that they did not get a cent for. So my take is that self motivation is much better than monetary motivation. What really motivates us can drive us to do extraordinary things. At the same time we can be doing something fun and creating the future ahead. What an awesome thought but I've been doing way too much stuff for free so I will see what I can do.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Project #13 Smartboard Instruction

Driving Lessons
By Ashleigh Skelton, Jennifer Hackney,
Kenneth Nelson, and Miranda Tidikis

The Smartboard project worked out pretty good. The group did very well as each one of us used free time on three occasions to work on it. The two students who critiqued our lesson did exceptionally well on the exam that we posed. Each of them made 100 percent. Originally we had made a mistake on one of the answers which gave them a 90, but with a few corrections to our form and presentation that was corrected.

We actually got to watch Anthony Capps do a presentation on the smartboard which gave us a pretty good idea of how to use it. We had the basics at that point which helped us move forward in production. Stephen helped us with the new smartboard response tablets, I am not exactly sure what they are called but this will work. The students were able to take their exam from a hand held device which automatically entered in their grade when they were done. I thought this put us a step ahead of everyone else with the extra time that we spent doing it.

I would love to commend my group for a great job. Each member did an equal amount of work as well as an equal amount of time spent. We are not great speakers but we definitely got the point across and our students did great with the lesson as well. Overall, our use for the smartboard has expanded drastically over the past few weeks and should motivate us since we already have a solid foundation on smartboard use.

Fist Pounds For My Group
CC Sabbathia and Derek Jeter fist pounding

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Blog Assignment #7

Randy Pausch's Last Lecture
Randy Pausch, Educator and Family Man

Randy is an amazing person and role model. His life took an abrupt turn for the worst when he was diagnosed with cancer. He did not allow his ailment to deter him from anything that he wanted to accomplish. As you can see from his lecture he is still in great shape and also a great speaker. Randy's childhood dreams were his main focus since he really never strayed from them. Although he never became an NFL player, it still taught him many lessons that he continued to use.

He certainly enjoys helping others and helps them to achieve their dreams regardless of their situation. Randy is able to relate his life to teaching others how to achieve their goals in life. His testimony alone has given me motivation to continue seeking my dreams. He teaches children and adults how to use computer programs and create virtual reality worlds as a way to show them anything is possible.

I particularly enjoyed and learned from his "head fake" maneuver where you give something fun to do although the project may be very difficult. What better way to teach something than assign something fun that can be very difficult. The rewards for something like this, on a regular basis, can be endless. If you do not watch his lectures, take it from me that this guy is a genius.

There are so many quotes that can be taken from Mr. Randy that you should just watch it. Having fun while achieving your childhood dreams and helping others do so are just a few of the marvelous things that he does. We should allow the child within us to drive us no matter where we stand in our life. There will always be brick walls in our path to our goals and they are there for a reason; to learn from the experience and figure out a way to apply it to our next try.

All 76 minutes of this video are worth it to watch. One thing that stands out the most for me, is to work hard. As a child, I was always taught to work hard and I would always achieve my goals. Nothing comes without a price and I always appreciate the many times my father had to kick me in my rear to get me to work harder. It will pay off, he always said! Hearing it again from Randy has pushed a button for me and it should for you as well. If you only watch 10 minutes of his final lecture it could change the way you view your life.

Short Movie Project #11

Saturday, March 5, 2011

1st Progress Report PLN Project #10

My Symbaloo

Here is a photo of my PLN. It is obviously not close to being complete. I don't ever expect it to be complete since I will add things to it as I explore the web. Symbaloo is the source for my personal learning network because of its easy to use tabs. This website is very very easy to use; all you have to do is click on an empty box and add the website to which you would like in the tabs area, give it a title and add a photo that makes it easy for you to locate.

I have already added some influential websites that I can easily access by clicking on one of the tiles and they include: EDM310 class blog, teachers love smart boards, my personal blog, gasbuddy, Pt. England School Blog, weather, and Yahoo. Since gas is on the rise, I recommend taking a look at to find the cheapest gas near you. The weather is always important to know especially for travel and to decide if you are taking a jacket or not.

Overall, symbaloo has made my life a lot easier and helped me cut down on time spent. Since the invention of computers we have been able to get things done in a much easier fashion than in the past. Symbaloo has been crucial in helping me get to websites without wasting time typing them all in. Usually, at the end of each post I leave a link to the page that I have discussed and I will do the same for this one. If you are interested in saving time and creating your network here is a link to Symbaloo.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Summary Post C4T #2

Student involved in Ms. Cassidy's class

Ms. Kathy Cassidy is the subject for the next few weeks. She has integrated a blog for her grade one students. In this blog, they post some of their assignments that will be recalled in the future. Instead of a parent-teacher conference, there is a student-teacher-parent conference in which the child recalls 3 of their best assignments. The student uses the whiteboard to discuss to their parents what they have accomplished and the focus is on what they have learned and a goal that they will set for upcoming projects. This is a great project to allow parents to see what their child has done and has set a level by which the parents can go by to get more out of their work. It gives each child a tremendous amount of confidence to present something out loud. This is a great example of what I would like to do and she has certainly inspired me today.

In the second post that I have commented on, Kathy is involved in a huge teaching project that will help students between grades one and ten. It was tough for her and others to come up with a project that would be relevant for all grades involved. They decided that they would use video as a way for students to self-reflect upon their work. This experiment included many other teachers and different schools and I have highly commended her for her work. She is inspiring many as she spends a lot of free time doing things for others. If you have a minute or two you can read her blog and see the amazing things that she is doing to raise the academic level of many. I will post her blog to mine so that you can easily click on the tab below.
Kathy's Blog

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blog Assignment #6

The Networked Student
The Networked Student

The Networked Student

Connected learning is the way that many children are gathering information in 2011. To be informed have the answers. That is not always so when children are browsing and connecting. Teachers are not obsolete regardless of the learning level of the child. It would be great for a child to out network a teacher but a teacher's opinion and guidance is still necessary when it comes to browsing.

I feel as though I am very connected and have the ability to gain knowledge on my own. However, many times I still feel lost and have the need for technical advice. I actually prefer when my teacher has a concrete opinion on certain websites. The label of a teacher is still necessary and I am fully prepared to take on the networked student.

Personally, I fear nothing, so this matter is easy for me. I know that I am ready to teach a tech savvy student. If I don't have the answer, I will have it very soon and it will be substantial. My guidance, as a teacher, is completely necessary for each student regardless of his or her standing on a technological level.

A 7th Grader's PLE
Symbaloo Photo

This student is extraordinary in her fields of learning as far as I am concerned. She has access to real live scientists which gives her the ability to back up the facts she is not sure about. I have found many times that I can come up with approximations and a PLN like this can give hard facts to reach a final answer.

Personal learning environments are very instrumental to anyone's learning. This video shows one students access to an unlimited number of sources. If I could call the president and ask him to be in my PLN because I need him to answer all of my political needs then the answers are endless. I hope my PLN looks similar to this one after a few years of networking because I definitely need historians to answers tons of my questions.

The Innovative Educator
Innovative Educator Link
Link Opposing Innovative Educator

I pretty much chose the first site that comes up in a google search. It was the most relevant to many things I have done so far this semester. Smartboard lessons need to be relevant to the topic that is being taught and that idea is stated clearly in this post. If you are doing an animation like this blogger than your animation needs to correlate with what you are trying to accomplish.

On the other side of things smartboard only seems to be a cool piece of technology that sits in the front of the classroom to attempt to get children involved. This piece of equipment is very expensive and may not be totally necessary if the teacher doesn't like it. Both ideas are solid but can I delve a little further into this machine and figure out something to get the most out of it.

I stand a little for both sides. Yep! this is a very expensive machine and how can I use it to interest my students as well as get an amount of worth out of it. Sure, we can do anything on it that we can do for a lot cheaper on other machines but isn't this a start towards something bigger. Each innovation leads to something better and someone is constantly trying to outdo the competitor and I foresee that this machine will be taken over by a better machine similar to its kind. With anything we use, if it is not relevant then the kids still aren't going to get it.

Why I hate Interactive Whiteboards
Link to Interactive Whiteboards

Well, I don't think I need a contrasting website to contrast one's view on the whiteboard. Even if the machine sucks, someone needs to figure out how to use it better. It's all about what we are plugging into it. If I don't use my white board properly, then I am not going to like it and I am not properly informed. If I do like it, I have asked all necessary questions to make sure that it is used only to benefit all who view it. It's just like anything I use, if I am not putting the effort in to create things then it IS a waste of money.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Summary Post C4K 1, 2 and 3

Kids Blogging

This is my first summary of a 5th grade student's blog from Canada. I read a few of the students blogs and I was very impressed with what they are doing. Not only are they connected but they seem to write much better than I did when I was in the 5th grade. I enjoyed everything I read and I was assigned to HT5025's post about his/her late arrival because of snow. I was very excited to see that this student was happy that he/she went to school and had fun that day. That is what learning is about! I speak from experience when I say that I learn a lot more when I am having fun and it also helps me to engage better as well. Here is a link to Mr. L's 5th grade class' blog post.
Mr. L's 5th Grade Blog

On February 15th I read the book about Fantastic Mr. Fox without reading the book. Kayla and Sylvia made a podcast about the book and they pose questions regarding the book and answer them so that we can have idea of what the book is about. They taught a great lesson through their podcast and I think this is an awesome way to get students involved and interacting throughout the world. I am thousands of miles away and still got a chance to watch the podcast given from Korero Pt. England School in New Zealand. These two students are in the 6th grade and are far beyond the level I was at in 6th grade. Of course, computers weren't as effective in 1993 either and I think they will continue to become more important as we move into the future.
KPE Episode 339 By Sylvia and Kayla

Today is February 22nd and this was my final post for the month to C4K. I was assigned to Te Rina a 9 year old at Pt. England School in New Zealand. I enjoyed reading her post except for the fact that she got bit by a spider. After she recovered from her bite she went on to become a superhero and saved people's lives. I am so glad to see so many wonderful student blogs from this school. They have done a great job and if you would like to visit Te Rina's page I am going to put it at the end of my post.
Te Rina's Page

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blog Assignment #5

Podcasting in the Classroom
The World learning by podcast

Link to Podcasting in the Classroom

This video was excellent for the future podcaster. This classroom podcast not only helped me but I can see how the students are far more engaged as well. I am a future social studies teacher so this was very relevant for me since Mr. Dell was doing a podcast for his social studies class. I think when students are speaking things into existence instead of reading them can be very instrumental in their remembrance of the material. The fact that their podcasts were available to their parents was awesome for them to be able to interact with their child's studies. is available for teachers to use to aid them in making podcasts in the classroom.

I saw kids that were totally engaged in their work instead of wandering off into space which can often happen during social studies. During one podcast, Mr. Dell had other teachers read from a book that was part of a lesson. The kids could then hear tone of voice which brings a book to life instead of words just jumbled up on a page. It takes an amount of discipline for a child to be fully engaged into a book and I think this is a wonderful process by which they will enjoy their future readings. Reading is still very relevant but this can help them understand the material better. Podcasting is great learning tool and should be incorporated as needed to reach a higher level of learning.

Education Podcast Network of EPN
Here's a Link to EPN

The Education Podcast Network can be similar to your PLN. This website allows teachers from all over to access podcasts and information involved in them as a way to incorporate it into their class. This is a great way for teachers to get involved outside the classroom and do some studying and learning to get things moving in the world of podcasting. Since podcasting has become very important for teaching lessons to absent or sick students, this is a great way for us to come up with better ideas than we would normally have.

Teachers can collaborate on this website through joint planning to get more ideas. Information that this normally not readily available can be reached at this spot. I have bookmarked this page so that I can use their ideas and hopefully make them my own. This is also a nice tool to be able to interact with other teachers who may have more information and a better knowledge in the area of podcasting.

Judy Scharf Podcast Collection
Link to Judy's Collection

Judy has posted a lesson on how to do podcasts and some ideas that you may need in order to use this special piece of the internet. I wish I would have seen this before I did my podcast a few weeks ago. It gives a lot of information that is very useful before starting a project. She gives a great lesson on how to start the podcast and what sites to get to know such as and iTunes. I probably would have had some better ideas before I jumped right into casting. I will use some of her tutorials before my next podcast and this looks like a great interactivity for the students.

TimeToast Timeline Project #9

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Podcast Project #8

Podcast Project by Kenneth Nelson and Jennifer Hackney

We interviewed Raymond Hunt and Mr. Fry from Denton Middle School about the pros and cons of technology in the classroom.

Click the image below to listen to our podcast

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blog Assignment #4

Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please?
21st Century Teaching

Link To Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff

Dr. Scott McLeod created this post and is a professor at Iowa State University. He blogs regularly at and is the Director of the UCEA which is dedicated to the technology needs of school administrators. You can find his bio at

This blog discusses the cons of technology within our children's grasp. The author argues that we should not allow kids to have computers or cell phones to collaborate due to cyber bullying, sexting, cheating etc. These are all concerns that parents should have, but if we can occupy their minds with something else for the majority of their days this can be limited. We can also monitor the usage of technology or do what the author say's and remove these gadgets. I agree that if they have access to such gadgets that they may engage in these evil doings.

We are the adults and have a better feel for responsibility when it comes to these sorts of things. If the child abuses these gifts then he or she should no longer be able to have them. Moderation is a factor with anything that we do and we need to constantly remind them that technology is a gift and privilege and should not be abused. Integration of these gadgets is more of a sound idea at home and in the classroom. No we cannot control everything, but we can prepare mentally and physically in advance to limit their usage only for good.

I enjoy feedback and love to debate. So, if you have anything you would like to add to my comments, you are more than welcome. Remember that you are on MY blog and these are MY opinions.

The iSchool Initiative

The iSchool seems like a great way to cut back and I understand his concerns with growing classrooms. We will never know what will happen with this sort of thing unless we try it out first. Obviously the word initiative in this video's title explains that. It is new and I am sure the kinks will have to be worked out in order to be successful in the classroom. I do not necessarily think this Phone should take over the learning process, but be implemented and used as a way to save a little bit of school cash. It sounds like a great idea, but do not let this take full priority as a means of learning.

The process by which this is undertaken may take some time and very well may waste precious time learning how to do all of the tasks he poses. I certainly do not think all students know how to use an iphone. But, whether this already exists or is actually happening I think it's certainly worth trying. How do we know if something works or not? Someone tells us and we believe them or we learn through experience.

The Lost Generation

I was definitely more focused on how this was read forward and backward. An awesome way to change something from negative to positive. When you listen to it read forward, it is all negative, but then she reads from the end back toward the beginning; it is all positive and it was definitely well thought out.

She writes how society tells us that family is becoming less important and she that her work will take priority. She will be divorced in twenty years and the people of her era are destroying the environment. These are just some of the things she is worried about but she is hopeful that she, as well as everyone else, can reverse its path.

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir
Link to Virtual Choir

What a group a singers! There is one huge screen and tiny picture in picture views of 185 people in the virtual choir. I am almost speechless and ready to end my post. You just have to watch it for yourself. It looks like something you would see in a movie dated 100 years in the future. This is a great view of what could certainly happen to classrooms or any venue for that matter. The people were all chillin' in their rooms at home singing to a webcam. This is a great depiction of what we may see in the future.

Teaching In the 21st Century

I never had my teacher discuss credit cards with me, nor did I ever ask them. Some of the questions are a little off the wall but I can see where the problem solving issue comes in. I understand the author's idea that we need to be engaged within their technology and help them solve problems that a computer cannot help them face. They can get an answer wherever and whenever they want but can they decide on which credit card to get if they don't know which one is best. Sending them to the proper sites that are reliable sources of information is very important. Regardless of the things they are learning in the classroom they are still going home and using their computer and/or cell phone. So is he asking me if I have an obligation as an educator to pose these questions to my students? Problem solving through the computer is very important simply because if they click a button they are going to believe whatever they read or hear. Educating as a filter between the student and their device is very important today since I seem to continue seeing 8 year olds running around with iphones.

Computers are no longer used as just a form of entertainment. They can be used properly to engage students within the classroom and can be used within lessons as long as they are relevant. I understand we are trying to get rid of burp back education and move toward analyzation, reflection and creation of work but this can only be achieved through a new wave of teaching. A mass of new teachers throwing out new ideas would be fabulous too.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Blog Assignment #3

A Vision of Students Today

This clip gives a perspective that I normally would not look at. My class experience has been lain out in this clip. Especially since I pay hundreds of dollars for books that I never open and then resell them at twenty percent of cost one semester later. The time our instructors spend trying to relate something to us could easily be chopped in half by using some sort of technology to get it through. I spend a lot more time using my computer than I do watching television. The use of computers, email, cell phones and other gadgets could be used to gain a better focus in class time. Children as well as adults relate things much faster and easier when technology is integrated.

The fun factor always creates a better learning environment. I've read more books and magazines online than I have ever read in my life. The facts are simply written in this clip, to spend more time with technology integration and the will to learn becomes much greater. A student that is normally quiet in class because of nerves may be able to ask more questions through typing. It opens many new avenues we did not know we could cross. If we do not know the answer in class, we generally stay quiet but if we are on an open network we can easily express our thoughts and gain knowledge faster than ever before.

It's Not About the Technology
Link To Kelly Hines Blog

Things I have read, via the internet, continue to amaze me. Yes, we have come to the conclusion that technology is an important venue for the 21st century student. This blog by Ms. Hines say's something a little different. She took time to express that we need to be better teachers as well as use the expensive tools that are given to us. There are many ways in which we can change the focus of the student in order to get them to learn but if we are not learning new ways to do that, then our students may never learn. Just because we "teach" does not mean we cannot learn as well.
Without learning, nothing has truly been taught. First, we must update and upgrade our techniques in the classroom and then we can use our technology savvy brains to integrate lessons that actually have meaning for the student. All of this sounds good, but the day will come when we get home from a rough day at school and say "I've taught them the same thing over and over again and they just aren't getting it". That is the time we remind ourselves of this post and change the way we teach and learn.

Is It Okay to Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher?
Fischbowl Blog

Mr. Fisch has a major and relevant concern. His environment is loaded with educators that do not know or care to use technology as a means of teaching. It becomes even more disturbing when he say's that the teachers are confident in the fact that they are not technologically illiterate. For this, I will force myself into technology and continue to challenge myself so that no one ever writes a blog like this about me. I feel his frustration and his quotes are very accurate about the 21st century. I will put them in my own words and you can take them any way you wish. --Computers have been around for about 30 years and if you do not have any computer sense then you should not be qualified to be an educator. It used to be acceptable not to be literate but as time went on, you had to have the ability to read in order to get a job. As time goes by in the 21st century, we need to be able use a computer in order to get a job. Not knowing how to use a computer in the 21st century is like being illiterate in the early 20th century--.

Being able to use a computer should be a personality trait by now, especially for teachers. It is the way in which the world communicates and through communication is how we incorporate our disciplines. Technology isn't everything but it is everywhere around us and if we can't use it then we lose our communication skills. If everyone is using these devices, then we need to use them as well in order to be able to teach from them. Technology is not an addiction but a way in which we can incorporate ideas in the classroom.

Social Media Count

Ah! Once again, I love numbers. Maybe I should be in Math instead of History. I cannot seem to put my finger on these numbers though. They keep getting bigger and bigger. People are really focused on getting accounts set up and following friends to chat it up. Communication is going on all over the world and we need to be proactive in the e-community. This is a bit off of the subject of numbers but I watched some old videos on our blog from New Zealand. The children interviewed Dr. Strange and he later responded to their questions. Dr. Strange did not get back to them right away because he said he was busy teaching his college students how to do the same thing they were doing: blogging, podcasts and videos etc. Okay, maybe you don't feel as far behind as I do but there are elementary students in New Zealand learning the same thing I am learning. Or maybe, they are just ahead of the game or is it a combination of both. Anyhow, back to subject, the numbers speak for themselves and I do not have anything else to say. Thanks again for letting me waste your time with this one. I'll just leave the address here at the bottom so you can watch Kaia and Room 10 for yourself.
Kaia and Room 10
Are you technology literate

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Summary C4T #1

Dr. Baggett was the teacher who created the posts that I commented on. I did not see this assignment as only an assignment. I truly appreciated the two posts that I viewed. Her first post was intriguing and it was a true work of art. It was a short video of the faces of her favorite female artists. Each face moved gradually into the next face and the transfer was flawless. I felt somewhat of a 3D effect as I watched the faces move in and out. I truly saw the art and beauty of these women as they transitioned in this piece.

Dr. Baggett's second post was an inner feeling that she gets while listening to music. Music changes the way she feels and I felt the same way. There were ten rainy day songs and I liked two in particular: Led Zeppelin and Tim McGraw. I always enjoy listening to Led Zeppelin because the lead singers voice always relaxes me, I do not even have to hear the words for it to lift me up and make me feel better. And Tim McGraw is always good to listen to on any day. I don't like country music but Tim's music has always grabbed my attention.

Overall, I enjoyed both posts by Dr. Baggett and I will probably return to her page to read posts in the future.
Dr. Baggett's Blog

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blog Assignment #2

Did you know 3.0

I always like seeing statistics and this was a great video to provide me with some real numbers in education. I have thought numerous times about why I am actually in this class since things are going to change by the time I become a teacher. Then, I remind myself that this is a step in the process to build up to that point so I am not dumbfounded by new ways of learning and technology.
This video shows that this class in particular can have a major effect on what we know and learn in the future. We may not understand it at this moment in time, but all of what we learn right now is completely relevant in how we succeed in a few years. The numbers may seem astounding, but if we individually exceed our goals we can be a part of getting America's education system back on track with the rest of the world.

Mr. Winkle Wakes

Mr. Wakes was very satisfied with what he saw going on in school and that it had not changed much. When he was faced with technology at the hospital he became scared and felt out of place, so he left. He was not a fan of the hospital at all since so much had changed. This brings out many things that I see in myself. Sometimes, when I am faced with something that is different, I tend to shy away from it out of complacency. I like to keep things the way they are on many levels and find myself being complacent and not wanting to find things out because it may intimidate me on first impression.
From another stand point, the students were not using the computer in the back of the class which is disappointing. I realize it is just a movie but it brings out the idea of our children and teachers not using the technology that is available to them.

The Importance of Creativity

This video concerns creativity and what we need to do as educators to see that each child's creativity be harnessed. I especially like the facts about the little girl who could not sit still. Her teacher realized that her creativity needed to be grasped in a different setting instead of telling her to sit still in class. Sometimes we just need to get up and move around I guess. Sometimes we need to take chances to see that creativity be accomplished. In today's life we cannot afford to make mistakes, with technology the way it is we just cannot do it. We have essentially taken away our creativity. Children aren't afraid to make mistakes and that is what makes them so creative. As adults and teachers, we become more and more afraid to take a chance on being wrong which, as a result, takes away our creativeness.

Laura's Blog Post
Laura's Blog
Link to Cecilia Gualt Interview
If we could only walk into a classroom and tell the children to do whatever they want and try to be creative. We can teach our students how to be more creative by allowing them to use more technology in the classroom. We have computers available to us yet, we are not using them the way we need to. The video specifically discusses the need for American students to be able to study from other cultures and countries as a way to broaden the spectrum of creativity. Finland, in particular, has a 1% drop out rate and the U.S. has a 25% drop out rate. This was just an example that we need to find out what other countries are doing and how they are having so much success. We can dramatically expand the minds of children with the regular use of technology in the classroom.

Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts

I once had the pleasure of working with Leo Mazzone, the former pitching coach of the Atlanta Braves. I asked him how he got so good at what he does and he said "I've learned everything I know from the pitchers I have coached". This is very relevant to the video since the teacher of this class learns a lot of what she knows from her students.
The fact that computers are the main focus in her class has allowed these students to expand their brains to find out what they are good at and what they like. Others should take notice of this classroom and follow the leader. This is an amazing learning atmosphere where the children can use their minds endlessly. When I grow up and become a teacher, I definitely want to be like Mrs. Davis.

This is Leo Mazzone Ex-Baseball pitching coach for the Atlanta Braves