Friday, April 15, 2011

Blog Assignment #12

Watch this YouTube video Pay Attention In two paragraphs, explain your thoughts and give your opinions on why technology should or shouldn't be in the classroom. In a separate paragraph, explain what teaching means to you and give it a title.

Pay Attention

This video is similar to other videos that we have seen throughout the semester. It is apparent that drilling has taken place over the course of this class. By drilling, I mean that we are constantly viewing things that are very similar in nature. That is how our professor is speaking to us. All of the blogs and videos are telling us that we need to catch up, if we have not. This many bloggers and video producers cannot all be wrong and brainwashed. This video is another example of why we must integrate in order to develop a good teaching relationship with our students. Technology is what they comprehend at this point in time, and we cannot continue to teach what history says we must teach(lecture and spit it back).

If 70 percent of 4 to 6 year olds have used a computer, that means they are interested in what is on it. How do we interest our students in class regardless of age? By incorporating things that they will like into the lessons so it becomes more practical and memorable. Most students do not even enjoy going to school especially since they have to sit in there desks all day and be mute. Maybe if I use ipods and cellphones to do regular lessons, then maybe my students will show up on time or even actually come to class because they enjoy it. I will always remember the Randy Pausch's "head fake". Kids do not necessarily want to learn because the way they are programmed, but if we get them to use something they like to learn the material, then they will learn the material (head fake).

Break Through!
Break Through

Teaching is certainly a form of art. It takes a special person to have this ability and take on all of its meanings. Teaching means that someone is learning; if I talk and no one is listening, then I am not really teaching. As a teacher, I have to find effective ways to make sure learning is taking place. I have to grab the attention of the learner-listener and make sure there experience is something that can be remembered. Teaching in this age is different than in years past. I have to use the skills and techniques that I have learned from others and put them to use. The use of cell phones and computers by children has expanded dramatically in the last ten years and this means they interested in these types of gadgets. So I plan to incorporate these tools to make sure they are interested and teaching has taken place. However, if these methods prove ineffective, I will have to find another way to break through.

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  1. Kenneth,

    I think this is a great assignment to do because it is centered on technology, and the students are self-reflecting about teaching. I really enjoyed what teaching means to you, and I agree that we must find ways to engage our students. Of course, technology is definitely one way to accomplish this. I encourage you to keep evolving and being aware of the changes taking place within the educational world. Keep up the great work!