Sunday, April 24, 2011

C4K #7, 8, 9, 10

Mr. McClung's experiments were the topics of the week. The post that I was assigned to was very, very short but informative. The students from his 8th grade class were assigned to a Skype meeting with a class of similar age in New Zealand. They found out a little bit about each other and "y'all" was mostly the subject discussed since the students from New Zealand hadn't heard that contraction very much in their own country. They only spoke for about 10 minutes but it shows how much one can learn in a short amount of time. The meeting seemed to be very constructive and I think Skype and computers are the future in educating each other.

Mr. Mclung's World

Millie is a grade 7 student from Adelaide, Australia. She got to go on an amazing class trip for aquatics. They each had 3 activities in which they were taught different styles of surfing. She excelled in her attempts and I commended her for working so hard to achieve it. We do not get to go surfing here, but I wish we did. What an amazing learning experience that would be since I have no idea how to surf. I think Millie has done a great job with her blog; she has posted pictures so everyone can see how much fun they had during their activities at the beach. She has done a great job with her blog and it is very detailed. I think we need to take a page out this book and incorporate some surfing lessons. That would certainly make my classroom experience a lot more memorable and fun; especially since I wouldn't be in class. If you'd like to see how much fun they are having in their class, you can click on Millie's Blog posted below.

Millie's Blog

Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog

Mrs. Yollis is a fabulous teacher located in a suburb of Los Angeles. Her blog is very well organized and used to further everyones education experience. Mrs. Yollis travels quite a bit to certain locations to make sure that she continues learning. This makes learning quite extensive since she has experienced things that she likes to teach. Her blog is an extensive piece of work for her students and the time that she spends learning herself has also broadened the learning spectrum among the children. Her joy and knowledge spills over to her classroom and it is obvious in the smiles of her children.

Mrs. Yollis' has taught me so much. I love her thorough HTML code lesson. I use it every time I make a post and that definitely makes it a ton easier for me. She has also allowed parents to enjoy the lessons that go on in class. The students get to blog and family members get to drop by and make comments which takes learning to the next level. Mrs. Yollis' class and net atmosphere has heightened everyones learning experience that has taken part. I have learned from her and so have many others; she is an example to teach and live by. Thanks so much to Mrs. Yollis and her 3rd grade class.

Mrs. Yollis' HTML Lesson

Hannah is a fabulous student from Mrs. Yollis' class is California. Hannah and her sister Leila enjoy growing their hair, for what seems like make take a year, just to donate it to a wonderful cause. It goes directly to locks of love which is a non-profit organization that makes wigs for children that cannot keep their own hair. This is a great idea for anyone to join and I highly recommend it since it is totally free. Make sure you read Hannah's rules for donating and you will be on your way.
A girl donating her hair to Locks of Love

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