Friday, April 22, 2011

Blog Assignment #13

ALEX website

ALEX stands for the Alabama Learning Exchange. It is dedicated to teachers but can also be a resource for others just wanting to navigate and learn as well. The layout is pretty cut and dry and easy to follow. The first link you or anyone else can navigate is the Courses of Study. This option allows a teacher to see what can be expected while teaching in a specific area. Then, there is the Web Resource button with specific websites that can be useful in gathering information outside of ALEX. Lesson planning is the next option, which can be a fabulous tool that can make classroom planning much easier. It can be used to cut down on a stressful day and develop a plan much quicker than usual. It may also provide something that can help gain other ideas that you may want to use. If you'd like to be specific, without much navigation, you can always use the search tool to get directly to many lessons that are available, for multiple days. Podcasting is another venue that I find very interesting on ALEX. I particularly enjoy podcasts since it can be a great tool for students that may be sick or not available in class due to other activities.

ALEX is something that is very useful to the future teacher. I would certainly like to use this part of cyber space to gain knowledge in my field of study. It will definitely make things much easier with the ability to see what other teachers have used as a guide for their classroom. As I mentioned before I really like podcasts and I use them for classes that supply at my University. It is kind of like a book that is being read to you to cut down on time spent. With schools providing more online courses podcasts have been very instrumental in my learning experience and I will probably use them for my class. I also enjoy blogging, which can also be a useful tool in the classroom. There are some unique blogging ideas among the lesson plans that can be used to upgrade the classroom experience.

ACCESS website

ACCESS is a fabulous website that aids students in their learning process. If a student would like to expand beyond their classroom experience they can always join this website. It can be used as a way to gain college credits while still in high school. On the other hand, if a student is struggling in certain areas, this can be used to help manage classroom struggles. Web based instructions and video conferencing can be used by any student trying to get ahead. If there are courses that may not be available in schools ACCESS is a fabulous tool to expand knowledge before entering into a university or community college. There are complete instructions to begin using the website and this is an easy and effective project to learn from a distance.

I am pretty sure this was not available while I was in school(2000 grad). I certainly would not have minded having a few extra credits to get ahead before moving on to college. I was able to take some honors courses but we only had 1 AP course available in English and I had to have an "A" my junior year in order to be eligible; of course I got a B. So, this is something that I truly believe can tremendously change the outcome of learning. Not only will you graduate faster, but you will be far more educated than those around you.

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