Friday, April 15, 2011

Progress Report Final Project

I think we have taken our team to the next level by adding two of the drafts best. With our First and Second picks, we took Jenna Baxter and Kristan Steele. The duo cannot be matched in their field and I expect they will bring the intensity that I observed prior to this years draft selections. They are going to be an amazing addition to our already spectacular group. With Miranda Tidikis, Jennifer Hackney, and Ashleigh Skelton returning from All-Pro seasons, Kristan and Jenna will only compliment this years team. "I plan on making a run at the title, and with this group, it's going to be tough to beat us". Our expectations are high for the season(Final Project)and we expect to bring home some hardware. We've practiced all spring studying the video clips and taking notes and I think it's our time. We are going to show you how we practice and prepare in the lab and the effects it can have in the future of this program.

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