Saturday, April 30, 2011

C4T #4

Pseudoteaching with Demos by Jerrid Kruse
Thank a Teacher

Jerrid's Post on Demos

Jerrid is concerned with the way some teachers demonstrate science projects. You can relate this to just about any subject that is taught. The "demos" are spoken to students without any interaction whatsoever. The students have to be silent while they watch an entertaining bit that they probably will not remember. At least it is entertaining, but the Jerrid would like there to be some kind of engagement going on so that the students can think about what is happening during these scientific reactions.

I highly commend Jerrid for this since I love to learn and enjoy being engaged in discussions. Ideas and opinions can be formed through this process and then it can be applied. I find myself forgetting a lot of what has been lectured shortly after classes. All I really want is to be able to talk a little bit about what has taken place so it becomes relevant for me. Jerrid would like to encourage teachers to get their students involved in questioning and discussing topics, to go beyond entertainment.

Unsung Heroes by Jerrid Kruse

In Jerrid's most recent post he commends the efforts of great teachers. Teachers that relate to their students and find ways to incorporate their ideas are rarely commended for their efforts. Although these teachers work so hard they rarely expect anything in return. They are not getting air time on television or getting thousands of Twitter followers, yet they still work hard to make sure their students needs are met. I am sure their are teachers that would certainly appreciate this post since they are rarely commended for their efforts.

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