Friday, April 8, 2011

Special Assignment

Responses to Mr. McClung's Blog
Mr. McClung's World

1. Mr. McClung uses his blog as a creative tool that his students can use to make their learning experience a memorable one. He uses his blog for ideas that he comes up with that may interest his students. He goes far beyond the expectations of a normal class experience. He has given his students a chance to expand their ideas onto the computer instead of just on paper.

2. I have never seen Mr. McClung teach in a class, but his skills outside of that are extraordinary. He does not just explore the subject he teaches, but he also incorporates other areas that can be incorporated to make the learning experience that much better. He explores as the students do to keep up with ever changing trends so that he knows what they will take interest in. Once again, he goes far beyond the calling of "instructor".

3. Mr. McClung's set of rules are totally different than any rules that I have heard of. It totally interacts the students and brings out their energy. Of course you must come to class with that energy as well. He uses hand gestures and key words to make sure the students are talking when they are supposed to and listening when they are supposed to. These rules say a lot about him as an instructor and instills discipline subconsciously(head fake) by allowing them to make their own gestures as well as talk when appropriate. Discussion is heavily favored in his classroom rules to make sure they are paying attention and they are ultimately scored upon their ability to follow directions. I would enjoy using his ideas in my classroom as well as having them instilled into my lessons as a present student. I particularly love being involved in the learning experience and this will give my students a chance to do this as well. Not only would it help with respect and discipline but it head fakes them into being involved in class lessons.

4. In his syllabus, everyone needs a day planner. For obvious reasons, we should have one of these to make sure we are keeping with the tasks that we are assigned. With the many things children are doing, a day planner acts as a reminder to make sure they do not forget anything. It is proven that when something is written down, it is more likely to get done than if it were not written down. Time management is a discipline that can be gained by using a planner.

5. The consequences are specific and loss of a letter grade each day it is late. I think this gives the student time to finish and DO the work. The object is to do it regardless if it is late or not and this gives them a chance to achieve. As for Dr. Strange's policy on late work, he states that if the work is turned in late, it leaves the possibility for an F in the course. I believe this opens up the opportunity to finish and turn in the work as well, instead of just not doing the assignment. I could say it is a disciplinary action for late work but I think these rules are very generous compared to what I am used to. That being said, I am used to getting an automatic F for not turning my work in.

6. He wants to make sure the students are getting a positive learning experience the use of technology. He tries to implement it in his everyday work as well as in the classroom. His objective is to steer away from traditional learning of taking notes and doing homework every night and implementing technology as a more positive way of learning.

7. Arkansas History Curriculum for Grades 7 and 8. This is interesting since I am majoring in History and enjoy it. This is a break down of what shall be accomplished by the students in these grades. I enjoyed it's specificity and breakdown because it makes sure the Arkansas students know the History of their land and it's contributions to the United States. It is very specific and relevant by exploring names, regions, and resources for where they reside.

Secondly, I reviewed Convince Me. I am always up to debate and this is a great website to explain your thoughts and opinions on any topic that you choose. It can be used to form opinions on things that you may not know or at least see someone else view on the topic if you do not agree. If you do not agree you can certainly reply and discuss your opposing views. This is a great way to get involved in specific events that are currently happening.

8. This is a great set of Internet Safety Rules. It reminds me of my own safety to make sure I am not giving out personal information that may cause identity theft or worse. Uncomfortable communication certainly needs to be addressed and it is very important to notify a parent or teacher of this action. I agree that we need to limit the information that is provided about ourselves to protect us from such predators. Aliases are a great rule to go by which I attempt to use myself as a protection device. I certainly would not subtract any of these rules and if I had to add some it would go like this: If you are unsure of a website, do not go to it and ask before you enter. 2. Do not open something you do not recognize. 3. In emails, make sure the subject bar is filled in with something you recognize if you do not know the person or site it has come from.

9. I reviewed the Earthquakes section under categories. Mr. McClung's class is learning how to make different earthquake waves through a project that was assigned to them. They actually made there own seismometer in order to create the P and S-waves of an earthquake. They used different movements on their desk to make the pendulum like apparatus make these waves. The project consisted of using homemade materials such as paper, pen, clay, cup, and string. The assignment is very relevant to get the students involved in learning about earthquakes while Mr. McClung guides them through the process.

10. I would definitely like to use the Archives and Categories feature. This way, someone that is visiting my blog does not have to peer through my entire blog to find what they want. They can just use the side clicker to find what section they would like to look at.

11. His blog is very relevant to what adults relate to in everyday life. There is something for all kinds of people to view. There are ideas that anyone can use and practice in their offices, classrooms, and homes. He has a wide range of knowledge to give and not just in history. Anyone viewing his blog can certainly put to use the rules, assignments, and ideas into their own lives. Current events is a popular subject used within teaching history, and anyone who loves watching the news can relate to these posts.

12. His blog is definitely better organized and has a lot more to offer but not to discredit the others because I think they are all great blogs and learning tools. I think Mr. McClung has been well taught in the use of technology and that I must also mention that he has taken it all in. He has embraced technology within his classroom and his passion overflows within his work which makes the blog look super spiffy. It looks like a majority of his downtime from teaching is done on his blog for his reach towards perfecting the art of teaching.

13. Mr. McClung is certainly a model for future teachers and present students. His blog shows that he is a perfectionist and cares dearly about his students and work. Not only has he reached his students but parents and views as well. It should be evident to those around him that he genuinely cares about the future of our country. He sometimes makes posts about his exhaustion to the amount of work he does and I certainly commend him for his effort.

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