Sunday, May 1, 2011

Special Assignment Blog Post #13

Metaphor for

1. I missed the metaphor because I am usually in "serious" mode when I come to class online. When I read something in that time frame, I take it for what it says. Yes, I should lighten up when I come to EDM310. I do not like to give excuses and I feel like I am giving one here. I will better understand the use of metaphors in the future. This will not happen again.

2. Holy crap!
I'm a little hazy on that one!
She stormed in.
This class is cake!
Why you tryin' to bait me?
Pull the plug on this one, that's all she wrote.
Stick a fork in 'im, he's done!

3. Well, I think metaphors helped me understand the material. So, hopefully the children can understand metaphors better which can help them relate to a specific story. Many teachers that I have had use metaphors. I think they are a great add on to material to make it more memorable. Like I said, metaphors were great for me because that is how I have memorized and related things together.

4. Once again, I think we use metaphors for memorization. I really think it helps with long term memory. If I have a metaphor that relates to a story, I am a lot more likely to remember the story, verbatim. It is also a fun factor in which the teacher can make a metaphorical joke that relates directly to the topic.

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